Ruins and ancient roads to Machu Picchu

Coming in 2019


After some time exploring the imperial city of Cusco, we head to the Sacred Valley of the Incas to hit all the best trails in the Urubamba range, visiting forgotten ruins sites along the way. Then it's just a little detour to one of the Seven Wonders of the World, Machu Picchu. With several mountain passes over 4000m, it's not an EASY route, but you'll be more than rewarded by an unparalleled luxury experience: think mountain-view jacuzzi, daily massages, exquisite local cuisine and the kind of rest and relaxation that'll have you recharged to make the very most of the next day's run-of-a-lifetime!.




Dates: To be announced for 2019

$4000 USD*



While we'd love to have everyone along on this spectacular trip, this is an extremely high altitude and remote running excursion. All those who sign up should be comfortable running 10-25km and ~1000m of positive elevation per day for a week, and be aware that conditions could be anywhere between scorching sun, pouring rain, and blizzard. (That being said, if you want a day off, you can always hang out at the lodge.) We guess that if you got this far, you're probably into that kind of thing, but we want to make sure our guests have the best possible experience and know exactly what kind of awesomeness you're getting yourselves into!


2 running guides

4 nights at Antigua Casona San Blas

4 nights at Mountain Lodges of Peru (various locations)

All breakfasts included

4 lunches and 5 dinners included

BONUS:  Ask us about tacking on a few days of acclimatization on the front, or rest and relaxation on the end of this tour. Why stay 9 days in Peru if you can stay 11!?

RACE: This itinerary lines up perfectly to have you acclimatized and ready to tear it up in one of Peru's preeminent mountain running events: the Sierra Andina Mountain Trail. Let us know on the form if you want racing to be a part of you adventure - we certainly recommend it!!

Day 1:

After arriving in Cusco and setting up at our hotel, the Antigua Casona located in the heart of the historic center, we'll stroll around the city looking at some of the sites before our first dinner all together.

Day 2:

Our first full day of acclimatization will start off easy with morning and lunch free to relax and explore. Then we'll head out to hit the dirt for an easy run around some local ruins. We'll get great views of the whole city while exploring quiet local trails. Again we'll get the evening free to explore Cusco and relax.

Day 3:

Today's morning run will take us to several local ruins where we can poke around (and catch our breath).  The rest of the day we'll be free to relax and explore on our own.

Day 4:

We'll depart from Cusco at 7:30am to head to Amaru where we'll be dropped for a 9.5km easy run down to Pisaq. We'll have the option of exploring the town or heading straight to our lodge in Lamay for a relaxing afternoon, getting us ready for the next day's run.

Day 5:

A 17.5km run from Ancasmarca to Lares will have us hungry and ready for lunch and a relaxing afternoon at the lodge in Huacahuasi. If you're still raring to go, you can run or hike to the alpine lake. Your choice.

Day 6:

Today we'll head up to the biggest pass, at over 4600m - hard, yeah! But the alpine and lake views are well worth the sufferfest. Besides, we'll have a picnic at the lake before heading down to Yanahuara. The day's run clocks in at about 20km.

Day 7:

From the Inca city of Ollantaytambo we'll run up the valley to Pumamarca and back down, around 15k. After a lunch in Ollantaytambo and a private visit to the archeological site we'll have a free evening.

Day 8:

No running today. We head up to Machu Picchu and a nearby mountain, with enough hiking to shake out the legs. Then we'll take the train back to Cusco for a farewell dinner and our last night together.

Day 9:

After a last delicious breakfast at Antigua Casona, it'll be airport shuttles and home time. (Unless, that is, you plan on staying just a little longer...) The upside is that we'll all have huge lungs, stronger legs, and memories to last a lifetime.

*All prices based on double occupancy accommodation. Private rooms will carry an additional cost.



Getting to Cusco

Flights are not included in the price of the tour, but here are some things to know before you book: Cusco, the launch pad for our Peruvian adventures, is a city of 500,000 people or so, and is the gateway to Machu Picchu, so it's very much ON the beaten path. There are about a dozen flights from Lima to Cusco each day, and they can be easily booked as part of a longer flight path from Canada, US, or Europe. There are only two international airports that fly to Cusco: Bogota, Colombia, and La Paz, Bolivia. So depending on where you're coming from, you might keep your eyes open for deals flying through those airports (instead of Lima).

August is somewhere between high season and low season in this area, so if you book in advance you should be able to get pretty good rates. Here are some example rates from a quick Google search that correspond to our tour dates.

Major Canadian cities <-> Cusco: $650-950 USD

LA, California <-> Cusco: $780 USD

London, UK <-> Cusco: $1,200 USD

Continental Europe <-> Cusco: $1,350 USD



To book tour dates, just follow the link below by clicking the "Sign me up!" button. The form that follows asks you a bunch of questions - it is a way for us to get to know your running, training, and racing schedule so as to provide you with the very best experience. Once you click submit, we'll send you an email with details on where and how to make the payment directly to the Traverse account here in Canada. A $500 non-refundable deposit will secure your spot on the trip. You will be welcome to pay the full amount up front, or you can follow a schedule of two additional payments, listed below. Either way, you'll be given all the details.

If you'd like to email us directly here with any additional concerns or even phone us (1-514-377-2542), we're always happy to chat.


Because we (Traverse) need to make final reservations and payments for all the services we employ (hotels, transport, restaurants, logistics etc.) 60 days in advance, we require that your full payment also be received by 60 days in advance, or by 31 May, 2018.


It would really suck if you signed up and then had to cancel! But we understand that life happens, and we'll hope to see you next time. Because signing up and holding a reservation on a tour means that others cannot book that spot, if you DO have to drop out, we won't be able to refund the full amount. The non-refundable deposit is non refundable of course. The following calculations are made based off of the trip cost minus $500.

If you cancel:

Up to 60 days before 30 July: 100% refund minus $500 deposit.

59-30 days before 30 July: 50% refund

29-0 days before 30 July: Unfortunately we cannot refund money after this time.


evacuation and dropping out of tour

An evacuation on foot or by horse or mule will be covered by us (Traverse). Helicopter extraction, however, will be covered by your insurance, which is why we REQUIRE you have a HEALTH INSURANCE POLICY that covers "adventure sports." We're happy to discuss this with you if you have questions about it.

If an injury or sickness sidelines you from running, you will be responsible for covering any additional costs associated with being "off trail" and/or "off program" - meals, accommodation, sightseeing, hospital, transportation, flights etc.


now, time to run!



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