Mountain running, done right

Peru is a mind-boggling place to run. With incredible mountains, drool-worthy trails, clean (if a bit thin) air and a culture steeped in history, let’s face it, it really has no parallel. But we're not here to take credit for the wilderness environments we choose to run in. What we will take credit for however, is understanding that what we do isn't just a pastime.

Running in the mountains is hard. Vert, altitude, fatigue, weather...the list goes on. But we're all trail runners, and we do this because we love it. The only thing that beats a ballin' trail run is a ballin' trail run followed by a mountain view jacuzzi, a massage, and succulent local cuisine - that kind of thing!

Or if that's not your schtick, then follow it up with a more rugged camping experience and hanging with the llama herders and their animals. You see? It's not about the best RUN but the best EXPERIENCE, and we do our darndest to make that happen!

giving back the sustainable way

Running internationally is a huge privilege, especially in places less well-off than the countries we're coming from. In some cases, adventure tourism can actually be damaging to small communities. We'd much prefer to be a positive influence though, to work with locals. That's why we partner with local organizations for everything from logistics to guides, routes to snacks, food and wine to social and environmental projects…the list goes on.