Meet the team

We're a passionate team of mountain athletes that's pretty stoked on getting after it in the wildest places


Liam walke: founder, head guide, mountain masochist

Hi, I’m Liam, I'm Canadian. I’ve been roaming around the Americas for a decade, involving myself in as many mountain and wilderness shenanigans as I can along the way. I’m the most me when I’m running some windy ridge or scrambling up a nameless summit for a sunrise view – basically, exploring the world on my own power is what keeps me going. And when I say world, I don't just mean the mountains - I mean the forests and rivers, the people who call those places home. I mean the ancient histories, the ruins, the intrigue and exploration. To me, life isn’t life without the stories.

While I love all manner of human-powered travel, running represents the most stripped-down, light, and accessible way to get to just about anywhere. That’s what drew me to running, and ultimately ultra mountain running. Some of the most amazing experiences in my life have come simply roaming the mountains of some foreign country, learning from the people, getting lost, giving back, and then – let’s be honest – treating myself to beautiful lodging and fantastic food. I spent 2017 in Peru training and racing, and doing some personal projects. A podium at the Marcahuasi Ultra Trail 90k and an FKT on the route to the ruins of Choquequirao were just icing on the amazing cake of alpine running that is the Sacred Valley of the Incas.

So after15 years of outdoor endurance sport and coaching and 3 years ultra trail and mountain running, I thought it was high time I started sharing a few key outdoor meccas with the likes of you! Let's do this!


Domingo Elias: guide, multiday ultra runner

Hi, I’m Domingo Elias, born and raised in Lima, Peru.

I grew up by the ocean, where I developed a love of the outdoors. It wasn’t until a little later on that I discovered trail running, which has become a passion for me. Especially in the last few years, trail running has allowed me to get to know my own country and its distinctive cultures. It has been the vehicle for me to meet locals in many different places, live their day-to-day, and feel connected to them, even just for a moment.

I’ve done some truly epic high mountain, and high altitude routes in the last few years, each one seemingly more beautiful than the last!

From running the 120km stage run of the Huayhuash circuit at over 4000m,* to a 3-day run through the ruins of Choquequirao to Machu Picchu. In December I completed my biggest multi-day ultra to date at the Marathon des Sables, which traced the 250km from Nazca to Paracas over 6 days.

*Liam's note: Domingo also helped pace the legendary Darcy Piceu to her Huayhuash FKT... no big deal!


Julien Gilleron: guide, ultrarunner, race director

Hi, I'm Julien. I live in the French Alps. Oddly, the beauty of my home has pushed me to explore the world, and then to come back to my home mountains: cold, high, and beautiful.

I try to live by a motto: to reinvent myself each day, bit by bit.

My first life: In the early 2000s I started orienteering, running outside and navigating the mountains for 48 hours at a time. Road running was part of my training, but it soon became the main event, as half marathons turned into full marathons… about a decade of them.

My second life: After moving back to the mountains, I began to appreciate my surroundings in a way I had not in some time. That's when I discovered trail running. It was natural. It’s got everything: long hours in nature, silence, moving meditation. It was like a revelation for me and it wasn't long before I'd started racing. From there the transition to ultra running was natural.

My third and current life: running the world. Since 2015, I've had the privilege of discovering the world through racing, guiding, and my own personal projects - from leading an ascent of a 6000m peak in Chile, to running through Peru’s Sacred Valley, or competing at the Ultra Fjord 50k in Patagonia.** I'm also currently the race director for Ultra Trail Angkor in Cambodia. To run is to discover the world, to discover yourself.

** Liam's note: Julien actually shared the top step of the podium after crossing the line in first place in 2017...also, no big deal!